Month: May 2013

Carrot Peelers are(n’t) for Pussies

I like real food. I eat real food. (I also eat onion rings, but they have to be really good onion rings.) I think eating real food (instead of processed food) contributes positively to our overall health and happiness. Which is why I noticed and commented on this produce meme a friend posted on the facebook:Picture 12

I never would have thought there could be a connection between carrots and vaginas (what you do with your veggies is your own business) and yet, there it is!

So that got me thinking about vaginas (why not carrots?) and  so of course I googled “pretty hairy vagina art.” (I must destroy this computer before my sons are old enough to google.) This was the first work of art that caught my eye:

Picture 24

I don’t know what this is, but I want one!! I want a big vagina pillow pet that my kids can sit on while they watch tv so I can take pictures of them to post on the facebook. I’ll bring it to parties and everyone can have their picture taken with it! Will someone please make me a big vagina pillow?!

After I returned from Giant Vagina Party Pillow Dream Land, I started thinking about my own vagina and all the sites she’s seen.
We’ve  been through a lot she and I; she is one of my most loyal and trusted advisors (maybe). But after two kids, let’s face it…

Omg, I wish I'd found this in time for Mother's Day.

Omg, I wished I’d found this in time for Mother’s Day.

Overall I think vaginas are pretty (regardless of how many children or glasses of wine you’ve had)… at a distance… and with a reasonably fuzzy buffer. To be fair, I think a lot of things are prettier from a distance and with a reasonably fuzzy buffer.

Anyhoo, it’s Friday and my vagina needs a disco nap. Be good to yourselves and your lady parts…